Mica is the basic coloring agent that colors all make up, and therefore can mix with any other base and become the coloring agent for that base.

True Colors Shimmering Powder is the most unique makeup that exists. The reason for this is that it is the pure mica powder with no other additives or ingredients of any kind. Examples of this are clear lip base can be made into the color of your choice by adding a little mica.

Mica can be mixed with any other colored makeup, lipstick, nail polish, etc. It will change the color of that product to the color of your choice by adding any number of different colors of mica. It is quite miraculous in its variety of colors and uses to which it may be put up.

True Color is very cost effective, as pure mica is hundred or thousands of dollars a pound. The other advantage of True Color is that its purity is unparalleled. Other cosmetics must fill in with agents which cause allergies, reactions, creasing, clumping, and generally bad news for the skin. Pure mica is a mineral which is basically a rock and is oxidized for color. No other ingredients are there.

True Colors makes skin glow with a natural beauty that gives the appearance of youthful, healthy and moist skin. True Colors looks beautiful on skin all by itself. It is the most natural look of any cosmetic, NATURAL being the biggest needed and wanted characteristics of any makeup product. It is definitely needed and wanted characteristics of any make up product. It is definitely the move towards more pure and natural products and True Colors can deliver this to the highest quality and degree.

True Colors is an amazing product that has just begun to see its real potential and is rising to the top in all makeup categories across the world.


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