Special Features :

  • Low Cost
  • High Machinability
  • Excellent Punchability
  • Superior arc resistance
  • Unique Fluxural Strength
  • Resistance to Radiation
  • High Temperature Stability
  • Excellent Mechanical Strength
  • Outstanding Electric Properties
  • Low Outgasing characteristics
  • Superior edge resistance
  • Outstanding moisture resistance

Other outstanding properties of these laminated plates are its structure is almost homogeneous and therefore the plates are greatly resistant to delamination. Combusion of its bonding agent will not result in exudations of deleterious nature. They can withstand temperatures upto 500oC in Continuous service and upto 800oC in intermittant service. They virtually release no smoke or odor when exposed to odor when exposed to heat.


Mica Paper heater plates are suitable for use as supporting insulation of red-hot resisting wire heating elements used in domestic heater appliances, such as, band heaters, strip-heaters, drum-heaters, ring-heaters, extrusion cylinder heaters, ironing machines, water-heaters, power breakers, induction melting furnaces and other high temperature industrial appliances where good mechanical and electrical properties, as well as, high-temperature stability are required. They are an ideal product for use in nuclear and aerospace applications due to their low outgassing and mica's inherent good radiation resistance.


Mica paper heater plates are produced in standard sheet size of 1000 x 600 mm. They could also be supplied in any other specified size and in strips from 10 mm and onward in width, as well as, die-cut or punched parts as per customers drawings and samples. Standard tickness range 0.25 mm upto 1.0 mm. Thickness tolerance as per IEC 3-3.


Result Test Method
Bond Content 10% Silicon Resin IEC-371-2
Density 2.2 gms/cm3 IEC-371-2
Dielectric Strength >15 Kv/mm DIN 53481
Weight Loss <1% 550oC
Tensile Strength >100 N/mm2 DIN 53452
Flexural Strength >150 N/mm2 DIN 53452
Water Absorption <0.5% DIN 53495
Thermal Class C(>180oC) IEC 85


Unlimited when stored at room temperature in original packages.

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